Features of Colonoscopy Procedure for Cancer

A colonoscopy Procedure is done in order to examine a patient is colon and rectum. It is done with the support of a CCD camera that is attached to a long and elastic tube. This tube is placed into the person’s rectum and may be threaded into the colon to examine it. The picture the camera defines is looked at in an enlarged display. colon cancerThis makes identifying any abnormalities really simple, as it provides a magnified view. Usually this procedure is done in order to assess why there is bleeding in the stool, unexplained diarrhea, change in bowel habits, etc. This is also a system to test for cancerous polyps in the colon. A colonoscopy procedure is usually advised to some person above 50 years old, since they are more likely to develop polyps.

Just as any other Process, this one also requires preparation ahead. The colonoscopy physicians will advice the individual to be just on a liquid diet, at least one day prior to the process is taken place. Laxatives are also provided to the patient to be able to wash the intestine and clean it. If there’s anything obstructing the way, the physician would not have the ability to have a clear view of the colon.

Here are some of the Advantages of a colonoscopy procedure –

  • The process is relatively painless.
  • Its quick compared to other processes.
  • Polyps or other lesions can be removed at the same time, avoiding the need for surgical intervention in the future.
  • The doctor can have a clear view of the colon, making treatment easier. For instance – if blood is found in the colon, therapy can be given so.
  • The patient can leave home after a couple of hours of the procedure. They need not remain overnight in the hospital.
  • Usually it does not have any serious dangers.

Before, during and after the process –

Sedatives are given to make the process less painful and more comfortable. With the support of this colon cancer, the individual will barely have the ability to feel anything. It is a good idea to tell the doctor if you are allergic to any medicines, or if you are already taking any medicine. This may or may not have an influence on the end result of this procedure. After this the physician will insert the tube into the rectum and slowly move it along the colon. In this procedure if any polyps are found, they are removed instantly. Polyps are only pre-cancerous growths, which will need to be removed. The timing varies from 15 minutes to 1 hour, where the physician will remove all of the polyps.