Who is The Generous Singaporean Entrepreneur With A Good Heart

With many people around the world, there are only a few known as with a big heart. Yes, in this highly competitive world, people are like sportsmen. They are always competing in their daily lives. Actually, they forgot how lucky they are to have a simple and happy life. The good and big heart to people in need is the real personality of desmond teo yen koon. He is a Singaporean national, an entrepreneur with a heart to the needy. He enjoys giving back to the society. With this richness, he wants to share his blessings in the world. Helping needy people is what he has been doing. Participating in an active charity work locally and abroad is no longer new to his personality. In fact, he had donated 10 memorial for people who have no money to get proper burials.

desmond teo yen koon

The vision of modernization and globalization

To live in an advanced and high-competitive world, it is not strange that almost everyone is having a good life. This is the fruit of being workaholic and work-oriented. Chinese funeral service is actually built by Desmond to help people needs it. The memorial garden wherein lies the body of dead people is inspired by modernity. It is fully-air-conditioned. It is located in a land where greenery and serenity create a good atmosphere. So, there is no reason for someone to feel hurt and mourning. The peaceful and comfortable environment will make anyone realize that the body lies in there are all in heaven. Desmond has a big heart to the poor.